Criminal Law The District Court is the Court which most clients are likely to have experience of at some time or another. It is the Court that deals with the majority of offences. We provide experienced representation in respect of defending driving offences, public order, assault and all other offences that may come before the Court. We operate under the Criminal Legal Aid scheme so that people who are unable to afford Solicitor's fees may be granted free legal aid, meaning that the State pays the Solicitor's fees. This scheme is only available to a person who a Judge determines is at risk of going to prison if convicted and whose means are limited. If the Judge is not satisfied that both criteria apply then no free legal aid will be available. Anthony Greenway represents our clients in criminal matters. E-mail or call 021 4772557 to arrange a consultation with Anthony well in advance of your case coming before the Court to ensure that we can obtain the best result possible for you.
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