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Losing a loved one is an indescribable pain, and when it happens unexpectedly due to an accident, the shock and grief can be overwhelming. At this very moment, you may be feeling a tumult of emotions — from heartbreak to confusion about the future. Hegarty Horgan Solicitors LLP understands the delicate nature of your situation and is here to offer the compassionate legal support you need.

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in Ireland

In the aftermath of a fatal accident, you may be considering a wrongful death claim, seeking justice for your loved one. Our seasoned solicitors specialise in these sensitive cases, knowing that each one carries the weight of a life and a story cut short. We’ll guide you through the complexities of Irish law, providing clear explanations to help you comprehend your rights and the legal avenues available.

Your Solution in Times of Need

Rest assured that with Hegarty Horgan Solicitors LLP, you have a dedicated team that combines legal prowess with a human touch. We’re here to help you prove liability and negligence, ensuring those responsible are held accountable. Our goal is to alleviate the added stress of legal proceedings during this challenging time by managing every aspect of your case with care and professionalism.

Securing Your Future with Just Compensation

Your expertise:

  • Over a century of combined experience in fatal accident claims
  • A track record of securing compensation for lost income and funeral expenses
  • Compassionate handling of every case, appreciating the uniqueness of each situation
  • Detailed knowledge of the litigation process and commitment to meeting critical timeframes

If you’re facing the uncertainty of a future without your loved one, let us help. Call us now at 021 4772557 or submit a Free Online Enquiry. We’ll provide a free consultation to discuss your case with the sensitivity it deserves.

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No Win, No Fee Representation

We believe that access to justice should not be hindered by financial concerns, especially during a period of mourning. That’s why we offer no win, no fee representation, ensuring our services are accessible to all who need them. With Hegarty Horgan Solicitors LLP, you can trust that we’re invested in your cause and dedicated to seeking the best possible outcome.

Don’t navigate this journey alone. Our fatal accidents solicitors in Ireland are ready to stand with you. Contact us today at 021 4772557 or through our Free Online Enquiry. Let us help you find the justice and closure you deserve.

One of the best things I experienced was the personal touch. It can be daunting dealing with solicitors and I never felt like a hindrance. Gary was always available on the phone and email for me and always responded very quickly. I know of an elderly person dealing with Gary who really appreciated being able to meet face to face in a place where she felt comfortable. I think both types of meetings are great as clients have various needs.


Friendly, easy to talk to, professional support from start to finish. The service was exceptional, communication was timely and never overbearing. Everything was explained clearly along with expected timelines for completion. The team went above and beyond to sort out any issues that may have arisen during the process. Overall, very satisfied with the service.


What we found best was the professionalism of the service overall, the confidentiality, empathy and understanding. Communication was always clear in both e-mail and in person. Response times to e-mails, and meetings, was very good. I believe your fees are very competitive, and good value for your service.


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Call us Now on +353 214772557 email us or complete our Free Online Enquiry form for a free, no-obligation discussion and let us explain your legal options

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