Wills and Estate Administration

Hegarty Horgan Solicitors LLP has been administering estates since its foundation in 1899.

A Will creates certainty and gives peace of mind.Making a Will allows you to ensure how all your assets including property, bank accounts, car or jewellery etc should be distributed and to whom. It is often simple and cheap to do but is easily overlooked.

If you die without making a Will or if you make an invalid Will, you will die intestate, and it will be the law, not you, that will decide who will get your assets. Failure to make a Will can pose difficulties for those left behind, not least because the beneficiaries may end up paying more inheritance tax than would arise with proper planning.

Once you make a Will, your estate – your money, possessions and other assets, can be distributed in line with your wishes and in accordance with the law, among your spouse, partner, children, family and friends. We can also advise in relation to charitable bequests in your Will.

Your Will is also an important tax-planning device. By drafting it with a view to make the best possible use of the available tax reliefs, you can reduce and in some cases eliminate inheritance tax liability for the beneficiaries. The potential inheritance tax liability is determined by the beneficiary’s relationship to the deceased.We would strongly urge every adult to make a Will under the guidance of an experienced Solicitor. A Will should ideally be simple and won’t be expensive to draft. Wills creating Trusts and more complicated family situations can also be arranged. The clarity created by a Will assists in minimising family disagreements and costly legal challenges.